The Lusty Xenomorph Maid

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Penned by Edgar Cleetus.
Alien Queen hisses: Certainly not, kind sir! I am here but to clean your chambers.
Captain Colt asks: Is that all you have come here for, little one? My chambers?
Alien Queen hisses: I have no idea what it is you imply, master. I am but a poor alien maid.
Captain Colt says: So you are, my dumpling. And a good one at that. Such strong legs and shapely tail.
Alien Queen hisses: You embarrass me, sir!
Captain Colt says: Fear not. You are safe here with me.
Alien Queen hisses: I must finish my cleaning, sir. The station will have my head if I do not!
Captain Colt says: Cleaning, eh? I have something for you. Here. Polish my laser rifle.
[The rest of the book is written in crude crayon scribbles]
The Alien Queen' eyes went wide in surprise as her captain began unbuttoning his armor, which fell into a pile of plates at his feet.
"It's huge!" Lifts-Her-Tail exclaimed, mesmerized by the ten inches that had begun to harden before her. "It could take me all night," the young Alien said provocatively, flashing her superior an innocent grin.
"Plenty of time, my sweet. Plenty of time," Captain Colto said, stepping out of his pants and placing his hands on the well-toned shoulders of his servant, gently massaging the obsidian scales that covered her body. With a grin, he then pushed down on the Alien's shoulders, gently forcing The Lusty Xenomorph Maid to her knees.
"It's alright, my dear. Nobody will find out," Colto said, moving his semi-erect member up to the drooling lips of his servant. His hands moved to the back of her head as he spread his legs slightly.
Not seeing any other way out of this situation, The Alien Queen finally gave in, opening her lips slightly, allowing the head of her captain's most private of parts to slide into her warm, moist mouth. Using her long, forked tongue, the Alien navigated Captain Colto's member past her sharp teeth and further into her muzzle, massaging it gently as she did so.
After about six inches of the member had been inserted into her mouth, The Alien Quuen began sucking gently, extracting several drops of precum, which she swallowed almost eagerly.
The Captain moaned out in pleasure, his ten inches swelling into a full erection in the hot confines of the Alien's mouth. "That's it, my sweet. Just like that."
After a few moments The Lusty Xenomorph Maid felt the grip on her head loosen, allowing her to begin slowly bobbing her head against the hard length, allowing the member to almost escape her lips before going back down. Each time, the Alien took a little big more of the length into her muzzle, and each time, her master's groaning became more prominent.
Suddenly, her master's grip tightened, and he forcefully shoved his entire length into the young Alien's mouth, making her deep throat the large cock. Forcing herself not to gag, The Alien Queen closed her eyes and continued to massage the cock with her toungue.
Colto began rocking his hips against the tight confines of the Alien's muzzle, feeling himself getting close. For several thrusts he continued, before pulling himself from the maid's muzzle, her small, lithe body falling backwards to the ground.
The Alien Queen gave her master a confused look, wondering why her superior had withdrawn when he was so close to cumming.
"Strip, and lay down on my bed, darling. I have another task for you," Captain Colto said, grinning down at his servant.
After regaining her wits, the Alien complied almost instantly, hastily removing her clothes as she moved to the bed. Her thighs had become quite moist during her blowjob, thoughts of the cock invading her nether regions filling her mind. Looking back over her shoulder, The Alien Queen was reassured by her captain with a slight nod as he began to follow her to the bed. Slowly and cautiously, she crawled up onto the rough, linen bedsheets of her captains's bed, sliding in beneath the bedsheet that covered the lumpy mattress.
Jumping a bit in surprise, the Argonian turned in surprise to her master who had suddenly thrown the bedsheet off of the bed and crawled up onto the bed behind her.
"Don't move, sit just like that my dear," the Captain said as he began removing his silk shirt. The Lusty Xenomorph Maid remained still, her back facing towards her captain with her legs crossed slightly. When he had finished with his shirt, Captain Colto gently lifted the Alien's long tail out of the way, exposing her moist lower lips. Gently he reached down and inserted two fingers as he moved up, laying behind her, causing her to moan out in pleasure at the sudden invasion.
"You seem awfully eager to get to work," the captain whispered to the young female who was now gasping in pleasure.
"Please, my Captain," The Alien Queen managed to gasp out in between moans.
"As you wish, my sweet Alium."
Slowly, Captain Colto withdrew his fingers, causing The Alien Queen to suddenly feel empty. Pushing her tail out of the way, the captain moved up behind the young Alien and aligned himself with his destination.
"Tell me how much you want it, my dear," the Captain whispered to his servant, rubbing the head of his member against her moist lips, teasing the young creature.
"Please my captain, take me!" The Lusty Xenomorph Maid begged, almost shouting out in anticipation.
Satisfied, the Captain grinned and pushed his head in, which was instantly enveloped by her eager and willing pussy, its hot, moist walls squeezing tight around his engorged member. As he began pushing himself further into the Alien, the captain reached around the young female and began fondling her breast, squeezing gently at the soft scales that composed her nipple between his two fingers.
The two groaned out in unison as both were overtaken by pleasure at the initial insertion, both feeling as if their loins were on fire with pleasure. When their hips finally met, the captain let out a long breath as he gently nipped at the back of the servant's neck, her scales feeling almost cold against his warm skin.
Slowly he began to withdraw again, the hot, tight walls of The Alien Queen squeezing around his member, trying desperately to keep it within her. When he had almost fully withdrawn, he thrust back in again, once again enveloping himself in the waves of pleasure that made up her hot, wet nether-regions.
Steadily the captain picked up his pace, each thrust sending waves of pleasure through both bodies, causing both to increase their moans and gasps of pleasure.
Suddenly Captain Colto withdrew, causing the Alien to whimper in confusion and desire. Forcefully he pulled his servant up onto her knees while pushing her head back down onto the mattress. Hastily he re-aligned himself and pushed back in forcefully, taking her much rougher than before.
The Alien Queen yelped in surprise as she was harshly taken, the thrusts much more rapid than before as they both started to feel the buildup of pleasure that signaled the impending end. The Alien's surprise was quickly overcome by pleasure as her climax began to build up inside of her.
Captain Colto's hand pressed firmly into the servant's neck, forcing the Alien into a very submissive position, further fueling his desires. He was getting very close, his thrusts becoming much more shallow and rapid. Suddenly, he pushed all of his weight down onto the young female as his climax came, unable to hold back any longer.
The Lusty Xenomorph gasped in pleasure as her climax hit, her inner liquids spilling out all over the cock that was lodged firmly within her, spilling its own liquidy seed into her body. Several weak thrusts followed their simultaneous climax as The Alien Queen tried to milk every last ounce of seed out of her Captain, feeling the warm fluid filling her body.
After several minutes of resting, the Captain withdrew from the servant and collapsed onto his back.
"It would seem that my laser rifle requires one final cleaning before your duties are complete, my dear."
"Of course, my Captain," The Alien Queen said in a half-dazed state, still trying to recover from her climax. Slowly she moved her head down, facing the now semi-erect cock of her superior, and began licking. Once again she took the member into her mouth, cleaning off the combination of her own bodily fluids and her master's seed.
"I think I may have need of your services much more often in the coming few days, my sweet. I have several more energy gun's that may be in need of some polishing."
"Of course, my Captain. I would love to be in your service."
"Good. Sleep now, my dear. I think I may have some urgent tasks for you in the morning."
Gently, the Captain took the young Alien maid under his arm, pulling her up against his body, where they fell asleep together, each eagerly awaiting the work that was to be done the next morning.
Cedgar Leetus