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1: Don't be a dick.

If you feel like you shouldn't be doing something, you're probably right.

If you go out of your way to ruin rounds, best case scenario you'll wind up dead. Worst case scenario, you'll end up banned. If admins believe that you're only playing to ruin rounds (of non-antagonists), you will be banned on the spot.

Sabotaging parts of the station, releasing hostile mobs and causing chaos for no reason falls under Rule 1.

Do not start fights or chaos on the Emergency Shuttle as a non-antagonist unless the round has already ended (i.e shuttle has DOCKED at Central Command.)

Excessively linetoeing the already very lax rules will result in admins adhereing you to this rule and banning you.

Jobs like the Clown and Mime are given more leeway on grief, but are still bound to this rule.

2: Follow validity and escalation as a non-antagonist.

When you engage in a fight, you have two options. You can choose to disengage or become a victim, which will allow admins to help you, or you can choose to fight back. Even if the other player was the aggressor, if you fight back using predominately lethal means (i.e lasers, spears, energy swords) and happen to die, it's valid outside of specific situations like "poor escalation." A good rule of thumb is "eye for an eye." Punching someone in retaliation to them disarm-spamming you is fine, even if this manages to escalate to critting. But if they only disarmed you twice and are willing to take a hint to leave you alone, then don't murder them.

If you start fights, play stupid games with people, or generally act like a retard then don't cry to admins when you die.

If you are a Catbeast (Tarajan/Tajaran) or a Cluwne, you are valid. The same goes if you announce copypastas over the radio, PDA, or other sources.

Catbeasts and copypasta-readers are special in that they cannot defend themselves lethally when provoked, nor can they grief in any means. This is of course overruled if you're an Antagonist.

Antagonists can safely ignore both Rule 1 and Rule 2. This does not mean you can't be banned for some stunts as an antagonist, such as crashing the server, spawncamping arrivals, griefing teammates or ERP. Slaughtering the entire station, making gas chambers, etc. are okay otherwise.

Antagonists are valid once they can be proven as an antagonist, even if said antagonist has done nothing wrong other than buying an emag (Cryptographic Sequencer).

3: Follow Low/Lax roleplay rules. Do not metagame.

Roleplaying is fine, but not enforced outside of a few conditions:

Your name must be coherent and readable. Naming yourself after a fictional character, historical figures or memes is fine, but don't throw in additional details such as what franchise or timeperiod they're from.

Naming yourself after an anime character or having an obviously japanese name will almost always end poorly for you and admins are not going to defend you when you end up getting robbed every round for it.

Don't use emotes, parenthesis, or posts links IC. Use acronyms at your own discretion, obviously some acronyms like "FBI" are allowed.

Crying that you're going to call the admins on someone IC is a great way to get the admins to start helping the person who is currently arresting, robbing, killing or griefing you. Insulting admins IC is perfectly fine, but don't whine if your insults end up unleashing the wrath of a bored, drunk admin.

No forced erotic roleplay under any means. Even regular erotic roleplay (or ERP) will get admins to kill you, grief you, or ban you. Stop sleeping together on a space station.

Calling people by their ckey (or username) is also not a good idea.

Few other roleplay rules will be enforced past this. You are fully allowed to know anything and everything about the game right down to vars in the code IC, you are allowed to call people "antagonists", you are allowed to be a Medical Doctor and still do work in Engineering, etc.

Metagaming, on the other hand, is strictly forbidden: Metagaming can be defined as any out of character action made by a player's character which makes use of knowledge that the PLAYER (not character!) would not regularly be aware of, typically involving utilizing OOC communication provided by a friend. Examples of metagaming can be found in Additional Notes.

The only instance where you are not allowed to use info that you've gained as a player is when you are a ghost. Using information gained while dead once you're cloned/borged/spawned as a mid-round antagonist is not okay unless you are still alive when you gained this information (i.e Scrying Orb, ghost runes).

Metacommunication is defined as using an external chat or voice over IP client to talk about the current round. This includes OOC.

Metafriending is the act of retaining friendships from past rounds and using it to influence your decisions in-game. Each round is a fresh and new one, you aren't allowed to retain knowledge from previous rounds unless it's something harmless like your character's skills.

Metagrudging is the act of holding grudges over rounds and letting this influence your IC decisions.

All of these will be treated on a case by case basis. Punishments may be modified based on the circumstances. In general, metagaming will result in a permanent ban.

Metacommunication to teach a friend is okay PROVIDED you let an admin online know via adminhelp IMMEDIATELY, as long as it doesn't include metagaming. If you are caught metagaming and say "I was teaching my friend how to play!" then we will permanently ban you on the spot. No excuses. You must inform an admin first.

4: Obey your laws as a silicon.

A "silicon" would be defined as something such as the AI, Cyborgs, or Drones.

Silicon Laws take priority in the order that they are listed, top to bottom.

Silicons are not anchored to Rule 1 or Rule 2 under any means. Your laws are replacements for those rules.

Silicons can still freely murder catbeasts, cluwnes, and copypasta readers - human, innocent, expensive or not.

You can absolutely loophole every law you get, unless you are currently emagged/enslaved to an antagonist. No, a one human law does not count as enslavement or emagging. Do note that loopholing default lawsets like Asimov in order to be massive annoyance to the crew will likely get you killed, or in some scenarios get an admin to start debating the lawset's semantics with you for twenty minutes before banning you.

Changelings, Shadowlings, Vampires, etc. are not human and Wizards, Nuclear Operatives, and Abductors are obviously not crew.


Additional Notes are NOT rules! These are merely "suggestions" from admins which may or may not be enforced. Sections in italics are more important notes that admins generally may enforce as unofficial "rules" or additions to the rules. Anything else should be considered but can generally be safely ignored.


Not knowing the rules is not an excuse for breaking them. Admitting to admins that you didn't read the rules is like shooting yourself in the foot to prove your innocence in a court case.

No, you will never be banned for being sexist, racist, alt-right, SJW, nazi, communist, or anything else. Free speech is something that is mostly protected on Hippiestation. If any admin does ban you for this, let a HeadAdmin or GameMaster know IMMEDIATELY.

If questioned by an admin as to why you're breaking your laws as a silicon, saying "technically" anywhere in a sentence under any context or reason is a horrible idea.

"Poor escalation" is defined as irrationally escalating fights, generally as a means to gain free kills. For instance, someone disarms you three times, you punch them, they keep disarming you three more times, so you respond by blasting them with a thousand lasers. Or you get involved in a fight against someone, but the moment they hit you once with a spear and you go to 70 health you take that as an excuse to suicide bomb.


As a Head of Staff, failing to do your job (i.e a Chief Engineer not setting up power) or just constantly dying may result in some admins yelling at you or banning you from the job.

"Powergaming" and "Validhunting" are two words you'll likely see a lot, used by admins or players. Powergaming generally refers to the act of playing in order to be as powerful as possible, whereas validhunting generally refers to the act of seeking out and hunting down anyone who is an antagonist (or "valid") so you can kill them and "win" the round. The style has been done to death and is frowned on by admins and players alike, doing it will not win you any favors from the server and could very well get you banned under Rule 1 depending on how many innocents you consistently harm in doing it - ESPECIALLY if you linetoe the rules.

If the game didn't tell you that you are a Traitor/Wizard/Changeling/Vampire etc. at roundstart, and only told you "You are the [JOBNAME]" then you are NOT an antagonist under any means. Attempting to loophole this by saying "well I thought this meant I was an antagonist!" will result in admins banning you on the spot. Once you are selected to become an antagonist, a soundclip will usually play around the same time.

A clown who takes off their clown shoes, or a Mime who breaks their vow and starts talking, is shameful.

Murderboning/rampaging as an Antagonist will sometimes result in admins spawning Emergency Response Teams, deathsquads, meteors, or other cataclysmic cosmic events to kill you.


Using the rules above, a name like Luke Skywalker is totally acceptable on the server. A name like LUKE SKYWALKER FROM STAR WARS 1977 is not acceptable.

Some admins or players will attack you on sight if you play as a female, or otherwise target you when they get the chance. It could be misogyny either from them as a person or their character, or it could be them attacking you mostly because people who play as female characters tend to be obnoxious and grief more than those who don't.

Neon hair is disgusting and unoriginal. No, you're not funny for being the third billionth female captain with neon green hair who powergames and validhunts.

Praying to the admins will get you ignored 50% of the time, blown up 40% of the time, and rewarded with what you actually prayed for only 10% of the time. Don't cry if an admin blows you up for praying to become traitor.


A classic example of metagaming is two or more players giving each other information through the round, resulting in players knowing more than they should. For instance, Player A gets kidnapped and walled into maintenance. Player A tells Player B that this has happened. Player B miraculously goes exactly to where Player A is, unwelds the wall, frees their buddy, and gives them all of their stuff back. Without saying a single word.

Even using teamspeak, discord, skype, IRC, etc. to talk to each other instead of talking IC is forbidden. It's very easy to find out when players aren't talking and yet are strangely working together.

An example of metagrudging would be if someone slips you and steals your shoes last round and you spend the rest of the round trying to get them back but never find the guy. To make up for this next round you find the same guy in the next round and try to attack him with the aim of stealing his shoes and locking him in a room.

As draconian as it sounds, Hippiestation Admins have the final say on what stays and what goes.

If you disagree with how an admin is treating you or believe that an admins idea of the rules is about as retarded as an autistic twelve year old with down syndrome and late-stage creutzfeldt-jakob disease's idea of quantum physics, then go to Admin Complaints: If you think you were punished unfairly, or can prove that your dog did in fact get on your computer and grief the server, then go to Ban Appeals:

(Updated Feburary 6th, 2019)