Brain Trauma

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Brain Traumas are afflictions caused by unchecked brain damage. They can severely debilitate players, or very rarely imbue them with supernatural powers, if they're lucky.

Traumas are visible to Health Analyzers.

A player gaining a trauma will generally see a warning message unique to the trauma.

Trauma Types

You can only naturally gain one Mild Trauma and one Severe/Special Trauma at the same time from brain damage. However other sources of traumas ignore this restriction.


Mild traumas are relatively easy to get: they require a minimum of 20 brain damage. They can cause minor annoyance in several ways, like stuttering, hallucinations, phobias, or poor balance.

They can be cured fairly easily with Mannitol.


Severe Traumas require at least 100 brain damage before appearing, making them hard to get randomly. They are severely debilitating, and can range from mutism to complete paralysis.

They can only be cured with brain surgery.


Severe Traumas have a 20% chance of being a Special Trauma instead. Special Traumas grant the player special abilities, although generally with little to no control over them.

Unlike Severe Traumas, Special Traumas are very easily healed, and Mannitol will remove them. Since the player will usually also have a Minor Trauma, this means that it's usually only possible to have both or none.

Trauma List


Name Effect Warning Message Scan Message
Schizophrenia The patient suffers from non-stop hallucinations. You feel your grip on reality slipping... schizophrenia
Stuttering The patient can't speak properly, and will constantly stutter when talking. Speaking clearly is getting harder. reduced mouth coordination
Dumbness The patient becomes dumb, causing them to speak oddly, randomly spout random nonsense, and making them clumsy when using some items. You feel dumber. reduced brain activity
Speech Impediment The patient can't speak properly, and their sentences will have mixed or missing words. You can't seem to form any coherent thoughts! communication disorder
Concussion Causes several symptoms, like vomit, dizziness, confusion, slurring, forgetfulness, or fainting. Your head hurts! a concussion
Anosognosia The patient will feel healthy regardless of their status. You feel great! self-awareness deficit
Muscle Weakness The patient will sometimes lose control of their muscles, dropping items or tripping. Your muscles feel oddly faint. weak motor nerve signal
Muscle Spasms The patient's body will sometimes act on its own, hitting things, throwing objects, or activating them. Your muscles feel oddly faint. nervous fits
Phobia The patient will be unnerved or panicked by seeing or hearing about a certain topic. Possible phobias include: spiders, space, security, clowns, greytide, lizards, skeletons, snakes, robots, doctors, authority, and the supernatural You start finding [subject] very unnerving... phobia of [subject]


Name Effect Warning Message Scan Message
Mutism The patient no longer knows how to speak. You forget how to speak! extensive damage to the brain's language center
Cerebral Blindness The patient's brain is no longer connected to their eyes, making them blind. You can't see! extensive damage to the brain's occipital lobe
Paralysis The patient is completely paralyzed, and cannot act aside from speech. You can't feel your body anymore! cerebral paralysis
Narcolepsy The patient often feels drowsy, and will randomly fall asleep. You have a constant feeling of drowsiness... traumatic narcolepsy
Monophobia The patient will become increasingly stressed when not in company of others, triggering panic reactions ranging from sickness to heart attacks. You feel really lonely... severe monophobia
Discoordination The patient is unable to use complex tools or machinery. You can barely control your hands! extreme discoordination
Split Personality The patient gains a second personality, which will randomly take over their body. You feel like your mind was split in two. complete lobe separation
Traumatic Non-Violence The patient gains a compulsion not to hurt anybody. You feel oddly peaceful. pacific syndrome
Aphasia The patient is unable to speak or understand any language. You have trouble forming words in your head... extensive damage to the brain's language center


Name Effect Warning Message Scan Message
Godwoken Syndrome The patient occasionally and uncontrollably channels an eldritch god, sending a Voice of God message. You feel a higher power inside your mind... god delusion
Bluespace Prophecy Patient can sense the bluespace around them, showing them passageways no one else can see. You feel the bluespace pulsing around you... bluespace attunement
Violent Psychosis Patient fights in unpredictable ways, ranging from helping his target to hitting them with unnatural strength. You feel unhinged... violent psychosis
Imaginary Friend The patient sees an imaginary person, who only they can hear. The friend has no limitation on movement, but cannot interact with the world and cannot go too far from its source. You feel in good company, for some reason. partial schizophrenia