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Note: This page is moderated and can be referenced in ooc issues, such as ban appeals, complaints, reports, etc. This may not apply to the pages this page links to.

This list contains all the active admins of Hippie station (bother a wiki admin if it's not up to date)

Contact them on our discord server

Current admins:

TDcoolguy300 (Gregg) - Host

LxToofonea- Head Admin

Carbonhell - Head Admin

tfw - Head Admin

GoyonBroadway - Game Master

Maroonenahmoron - Game Master

Xenon - Game Master

Yske - Game Master

Yobob - Game Master

EagleEyes - Game Master

TheMeatMan - Game Master

AbusiveToaster - Game Admin

Tranquill - Game Admin

Hackole - Game Admin

Acidrain16 - Game Admin

DeltaFire - Game Admin

QuarianCommando - Game Admin

Fluxcapacitor1337 - Game Admin

xTrainx - Game Admin

Vivadel - Game Admin

Zyzarda - Game Admin

YoyoBatty - Head Coder

Wiki Admins