Port Engineering

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For the Guide to Engineering, click here.

Engineering Area
Welcome to Port Engineering: the fortress extension of Engineering where you hide from the inevitable supermatter explosion.
Obvious exits Maintenance to the north, space to the south, singularity and tesla west, and Engineering east.
Purpose Serves as a primary area for power generation, holds equipment to repair inevitable damage to the station
Access level Engineering for main area, Power Equipment for the Particle Accelerator.
Noteworthy contents A common hardsuit, power control modules, oxygen and plasma tank dispenser, a P.A.C.K.M.A.N.-type portable generator and a main SMES cells
Clearance Captain, Chief Engineer, Engineer, Head of Personnel, Head of Security, Engineering Security Officer
Security level Medium
Style Engineering
Balance Requirements
Other Notes
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Ah the good ol' days

Supermatter blow up, rendering Engineering a bunch of lattices and plating? Look no further! Our engineers have brought back the tesla and singularity engines in a comfy area just to the west of Engineering. Walk past the main SMES room to find it. Here you will find a single SMES cell, a P.A.C.K.M.A.N.-type portable generator and a single engineering hardsuit, more than enough to get the engine on.

Particle Accelerator

Powers the Singularity and/or Tesla Engine by shooting accelerated particles at it. The PA can be a very dangerous device, since it can quickly cause the singularity to get out of control and escape the containment if left unsupervised. The PA and the collectors can be sealed off with shutters using the nearby controls.

Port Engineering Secure Storage

It contains spare materials, backup parts for the singularity engine (more can be ordered at cargo), and a large plasma canister. Some people will try to break in here to steal the emitters to open locked crates.