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This guide will teach you about the forge and its machines and how to use them. For newer players, the forge can be located below cargo/the HOPs office in maintence.


There is a total of 3 different types of machines used in the forge:

Forge Forge

The bread and butter. This is where you will create every weapon/bullet you want.

Refinery Refinery

There are two of these located in the forge room for double the proccessing power. This machine will take any frozen chemical and turn in into a bar after a short delay. Even 1u will work.

Material Manipulation Machine Material Manipulation Machine

This machine has two different uses. First off it can instantly freeze any chemical able to be frozen by putting the chemical into the machine and then emptying it. The second thing it can do is add different chemical traits onto weapons by place the weapon into the machine and then placing 50u of another chemical with a trait you want into the machine.

Creating Weapons/Bullets

So you want to craft your own super cool chemical weapons! well here's the steps you need to take to do just that.

1. Place the chemical you want to make a weapon out of into the material manipulation machine (it must be in a beaker, other forms of holding chemicals, I.E. buckets, cups, ect, will not allow you to place it into the manipulation maching.) and then immediately empty the machine to receive the chemical back frozen. (only chemicals that can be frozen will work. If nothing comes out of the machine after emptying, that means that chemical cannot be frozen.)

2. Place your newly frozen chemical into one of the Refineries (there is no interface for this machine). After about 10 - 20 seconds, a bar of your chosen chemical will pop out. This bar can be used by itself to create walls or floor tiles of that chemical by clicking on the bar.

3. Place your newly refined chemical bar into the forge. Depending on the amount of chemicals you froze, refined, and placed inside, you will get a different amount of cm3 to craft your weapons.

  • 1 - 39u will create 1 bar = 2000cm3
  • 40 - 59u will create 2 bars = 4000cm3
  • 60 - 79u will create 3 bars = 6000cm3
  • 80 - 99u will create 4 bars = 8000cm3
  • 100u will create 5 bars = 10000cm3

After you have placed the correct amount of cm3 into the forge you can begin crafting the weapons/bullets you want. You cannot mix materials in the forge and must eject the first chemical if you wish to use a different one. (This depends on the stock parts, the maximum you can get out of 100u with the best stock parts are 20 bars.)

4. (Only if you've created a bullet.) If you have created a bullet, you must click on the bullet and choose which type of casing you want in order for it to fit into different guns. For example the detective's revolver can only hold size .38 bullets and other types of bullets will not fit. Other types of bullets are much much stronger though than a size 38 bullet.


So which weapon should you craft? Well that's up to play style and what you decide you want in the game.

Name Amount Description
Dagger 2000cm3 Attacks very rapidly, injects tiny amounts of the chemical into people. Does minor brute dmg.
Sword 6000cm3 Attacks normal speed, can be dual wielded, does small amounts of brute damage. Injects tiny amounts of the chemical into people.
Greatsword 8000cm3 Attacks normal speed, does small amounts of brute damage. Applies the chemical via touch to people.
Mace 6500cm3 Attacks normal speed, does small amounts of brute damage. Injects tiny amounts of the chemical into people.
Warhammer 10000cm3 Attacks slower, can be dual wielded, does small amounts of brute damage. Applies the chemical via touch to people. Can also be used to break down walls, even Reinforced!

Building structures with chemicals

You can also build walls and tiles out of the chemical ingots you've made, and some will have effects dependent on the chemical; for example, if you step on a Synthflesh tile, you will heal.

(Note that chemicals that require long times on your blood system to work will not work when made into structures, one of these is Teslium.)


Different chemicals have different traits that can be applied onto weapons via the Material Manipulation Machine. It requires 50u of said chemical to apply its effect(s) onto a weapon. If a chemical has more than 1 trait, then only one of its traits can be applied per 50u put into the machine, i.e. you cannot get more than one trait from 50u of a chemical.

Chemicals and their Traits

Name Density Traits
Iron 6 Metallic and Sharp
Uranium 12 Metallic, Radioactive and Ultradense
Sodium 3 Metallic
Potassium 3.5 Metallic
Aluminium 4.5 Metallic, Sharp and Magnetic
Mercury 7 Metallic
Copper 5 Metallic and Sharp
Lithium 2.5 Metallic
Gold 9 Metallic and Ultradense
Silver 6.5 Metallic
Polonium 6 Metallic and Radioactive
Mutagen N/A Metallic and Radioactive
Radium N/A Radioactive
Radioactive Waster N/A Radioactive
Arc-luminol N/A Radioactive, Magnetic and Unstable
Space Lube N/A Bouncy and Fluidic
Plastic N/A Bouncy and Reflective
Slime Jelly N/A Bouncy and Fluidic
Diethyl Zinc N/A Fire
Plasminate N/A Fire
Protomatised Plasma N/A Fire
Chlorine TriFluoride N/A Fire
Phlogiston N/A Fire
Cryogenic Fluid N/A Cryo
Crystolane N/A Cryo
Cryogenic Fluid N/A Cryo
N-amino Azidotetrazole N/A Explosive
Sodium Azide N/A Explosive
Nitroglycerin N/A Explosive
Blackpowder N/A Explosive
Nitrous Oxide N/A Explosive
Oxygen N/A Magnetic
Flipout N/A Fluidic
Colorful Reagent N/A Fluidic
All Acids N/A Acidic

What the Traits do

Name Description
Metallic 30% buff to all damage
Sharp Makes sharp weapons sharper, increases armour penetration and shifts reagent transfer more towards direct injection as opposed to touch.
Radioactive Continously irradiates the surrounding area, quite dangerous to the user!
Ultradense Allows bullets to penetrate walls and adds knockback to all weapons/bullets
Magnetic High chance of throwing all metal items to the object's location when used.
Reflective Adds block chance to melee weapons.
Bouncy 100% ricochet chance for bullets, only works on certain surfaces.
Unstable Stats randomly change when applied.
Fire Small chance to ignite on hit and acts as an open flame in regards to flammable gases. This may burn your hands!
Cryo Small chance to chill target on hit.
Acidic Self explanatory, chance to apply acid to whatever it touches: including the user's hand!
Fluidic Chance to randomly spray its reagent type in all directions on hit!
Explosive Dangerous and self explanatory!