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Lavaland and the depths of space possess a wide array of ghost playable roles, ranging from some simple farmers to trained soldiers. All roles have unique objectives, characteristics and ultimately unique goals, they all have different ways they are expected to tackle dealing with the inhabitants of lavaland and the station.

Please note that not all lavaland roles might be available to play at once due to random generation, but unless they got removed, they'll appear eventually

Neutral Roles

Generally indifferent to everyone else.

Keep in mind that escalation rules against ghost roles are relaxed - crew are free to attack golems for minerals, podpeople for their somatorays and so on.

Job Role
Seed Vault Dwellers
Be created to spread virtue and peace. Waste your time growing dope and revolvers. Shoot yourself with the Revolvers. Honestly you're just a botanist who does not have to worry about assistants rushing you.
Animal Hospital
Essentially spawn as a Medical Doctor in hell, but without patients. Get lucky and heal a weary miner, or get unlucky and suicide from boredom.
Occasionally host a book club.
Generic barman.png
Beach Bum
Serve drinks to miners, serve drinks to lifeguards, serve drinks to yourself. Die of alcohol poisoning.
Live in a hole in the wall. Dig your way to freedom or subsist off of mushrooms. Suffocate because your oxygen mask and tank are located across the room and you don't have a flashlight. Generally act like the Assistant of lavaland.
Free Golem
Yeah, go do whatever.
Ancient Station Role
Spawn on a derelict station abandoned for over one hundred years. Die to lack of oxygen. Suicide when you destroy all your food supplies. Die when the space carp kill you. Die when the Hivebots kill you. Against all odds, maybe survive and thrive.

Hostile Roles

These roles are almost always hostile, or at least very avoidant towards any outside faction.

Job Role
Syndicate Lavaland Base Personnel
Use your syndicate comms to sow paranoia and panic among the Nanotrasen scum. Create biological weapons of mass terror and destruction. Shoot each other with donksoft guns.
Be lava Lizards. Prove you don't need fancy guns to beat Goliaths. Die to a Watcher. Either be a minor nuisance to the miners, or proceed to annex the Mining Base. Spam lizard talk on the general radio. Get killed by security for spamming the radio, and coincidentally killing the miners.

Removed Roles

Removed, disabled, or sometimes never implemented for unclear reasons. Whatever the case might be, there's no way you'll find them anywhere

Job Role
Demonic Friend
Try to act as a guardian devil. Watch in horror as the assistant you're guarding suicides. Get cast back into the pits of hell.
Lone Syndicate Comms Agent
Impersonate CentComm. Generally annoy the hell out of Nanotrasen crew from the comfort of your tiny base. Fight crippling loneliness and get murdered by a powergaming space explorer. Get granted a bigger base, and also friends, by the gods.
Lava Dwarf
Gain 2D graphics. Get drunk. Make uranium armour and don't question the safety hazards. Get drunk. Strip mine half the planet. Get drunk. Kill those damn elves! Get drunk. Attack an Ash Drake for !!FUN!! Get drunk.
Escaped Prisoners Try to murder the miners. Be sad because all the miners have already died in the first 10 minutes and the mining shuttle console is smashed to bits.
Penitent Exile Try to redeem yourself. Fail because the game doesn't specify what you can do to redeem yourself. Cry because you will never be fully implemented.