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Ruth McVork says:
"Welcome to genetics, brother! Are you feeling good? You SHOULD feel good! You are now like unto a tiny god! Are you prepared to be what you were born to be? Are you ready to save the station (or totally fuck it up)?

Chin up, buddy. It's not that hard. But before you start grabbing those monkeys from the pen, you should know the basics."

The Department


Welcome to Genetics. Just across the morgue lies a mystical realm where some of Nanotrasen's greatest minds entertain themselves by toying the Human Genome into knots.

The first thing you're going to see is that our department has two rooms. The first, the one you walk into as you enter from medbay, is the Cloning room. It has only one Cloning Console, one DNA Scanner, and one Cloning Pod. More on this later.

The second room is the one where you're going to spend the most of your time. This is where things get done, where people go to become hulking supermutants, where you are going to do. Your. Job. This room has two DNA Scanners and two DNA Scanner Access Consoles, along with two diskette boxes and a few lockers. The medicine locker has a syringe box and anti-toxin bottles. This is quite useful, as any tampering with genetic code gives Toxin damage. The bio-hazard locker has pretty much what you expect it to have - a bio suit and bio hood. Useful if a disease breaks out. The diskettes are also extremely useful, as we will see later.

The third room has your test subjects! These monkeys are going to be your guinea pigs, you are going to experiment on them, and make the suffer quite a bit. It's pretty inhumane. But such is life, and after a few seconds, it will all be worth it. They actually have it pretty easy, it's better than getting gibbed and eaten.

This is going to be your home, buddy. Get used to it. It grows on ya!

Scanner.gifMedcom.gifClone.gif Cloning

When you first hear about "cloning", you may think that people are referring to making many clones of yourself so you can take over the station. This is not the case (although that can be done too, just not exactly that way). Cloning is a process of of reviving someone who has died. For a cloning process we need a dead body and cloning equipment, which can be found in your Cloning Room.

  1. First of all, you have to know that for all things cloning, the Chief Medical Officer has a final say. He is your boss on this side of Genetics. If he tells you to clone someone and not some other guy, you do it. The only person with higher say than him on these matters is the Captain.
  2. On to the specifics! How does cloning work, you ask? Well, it's quite simple! Just grab or pull a body and stuff that puppy up in the DNA Scanner and close the door. If you want to remove someone from a Scanner, click on it to open the door. Unless the Scanner is locked, the person/monkey inside is going to pop right out.
  3. After the Scanner is already occupied, interact with the Cloning Console. You will see a few things. Now, the most important is the first. Click Scan to see if the person inside is actually not an empty husk! If there is no ghost inside the corpse, you will get a "Mental interface failure!"-message, and you will not be able to clone that person. If that happens, try waiting a minute and try again (the ghost gets a message in their chatlog when their body is put into a Cloning Pod and it might take a few seconds to notice it). If they still do not respond, however, take the corpse to the morgue and be done with it. Corpses who seem to have suicided with no hope of recovery cannot be cloned and you should be taken straigh to the morgue.
  4. If there IS a ghost in that corpse, however, you will get a Successful Scan -message. That means you now have that person's cloning data saved. You can use that at any time. But, after it's used, it's erased from the records. The only way you can save a person's genetic data is with a Cloning Diskette, which is found in the DNA Modification room.
  5. After you actually have DNA data from a person, click Check Records, and then select the person who you want cloned. You will see a list of their UI+UE (Unique Identifiers + Unique Enzymes) and their SEs (Structural Enzymes), which are quite irrelevant. Click Clone. You will notice that the Cloning Pod is now fully active, with a shadow inside. That is the new body. You can now take the old corpse out of the DNA Scanner, strip it completely so the cloned person can have their stuff back, and place the old corpse in the morgue. You don't have to worry about it anymore.
  6. The cloning process takes from 2 to 3 minutes. For whoever is getting cloned, it seems like a very long time. But it's not long for you. While the guy is getting his new body set up, take his belongings and stuff them all in the locker right by the cloning pod, so their stuff isn't scattered all over. Plus, cloning the captain and leaving his ID and other secure items on the floor sure is bad.
    • Hypercloning: Use this if you are in a hurry and you'll be 3x as efficient at cloning. During the cloning process, it is possible to eject the incomplete clone by unlocking the Cloning Pod with your ID and ejecting the unfinished clone (needs to be >40% done) or if by getting an Engineer to unlock the Genetics APC so you can shut off the power temporarily, which also causes the clone to (instantly, no matter how done) eject.
    • The clone will not live long and cannot function like this, so it needs to be stuffed into a Cryogenics chamber where the Cryoxodone will repair cellular damage
    • After the clone has been finished cryogenic treatment, give them Mannitol if some was not included in the Cryotubes chemical mixture
  7. After the pod is empty, feel free to clone your next patient, and to let the old one out, since they most likely don't have clearance to open the door.
  8. If R&D has been doing their job, they might upgrade the cloner to a level where it can autoprocess. If this is the case, you only have to press the Autoprocess button on top of the window, and the cloner will scan automatically (also allowing self-scans) and clone anyone in the backup storage as soon as they die.

OH GOD OH FUCK Hark! A Husk!

So you've come across a husk (a gray, dead guy) on your floor, which means you can't clone that poor sod. Before you go throwing that body in the morgue, they can still be helped!

  1. First off, make sure it's a husk. Throw the body into a DNA Scanner, if it says Subject no longer contains the fundamental materials required to create a living clone, then you have yourself a husk (if your DNA Scanner had been updated to the max by the Scientists, you could clone the husk right now. So if you know they've been doing their R&D, ask them).
  2. Take the body down to Surgery.
  3. Pester the CMO or a Medical Doctor to extract the brain, or do it yourself.
  4. Run back to Genetics and grab a humanized monkey.
  5. Return to Surgery and remove his brain too. Do whatever you want with that one, it isn't important.
  6. Now shove the husk's brain into the monkeyman's corpse and clone the monkeyman.

If all goes well then your cadaver will be reborn! Admittedly in a different body.

Helping the Headless

Sometimes you'll find corpses whose head is separated from their body. This causes complications, but they can be solved.

  1. If you have the head, but no body, use a surgical saw or any sharp item (such as a glass shard) to extract the brain, then put it on a monkeyman's corpse, using the same procedure as above.
  2. If you also have the body, you can just attach the head via surgery.
  3. If you only have the brain, but you have the body, get robotics to augment the body with a cybernetic head, then insert the brain in there, and put the body in the cloner.
  4. If you don't have the head, but you have the body, not all hope is lost: take a blood sample and give it to the botanist to make a replica pod, and the deceased guy will be reborn as a podperson!
  5. If you have neither, the only way you're going to clone the victim is if they've already been scanned before, and there is a record in the console. Otherwise, he's dead for good.

Why can't I clone this dude?

Error message Cause Solution
Unable to locate valid genetic data. Whatever you put inside the scanner doesn't have valid (humanoid) DNA. Stop putting bees in the scanner.
Subject's brain is not responding to scanning stimuli. The person inside has suicided or is an incomplete clone. Ask the Cook to make clone burgers, or put them in the morgue.
Subject no longer contains the fundamental materials required to create a living clone. You're trying to scan a husk. Remove the brain and put it into a monkeyman's skull, then scan that corpse. Yell at RnD to upgrade your scanner.
Mental interface failure. The corpse either doesn't have a ghost inside or already got cloned. Yell at them and try again in a minute. No success? Let the Cook handle it.
Subject already in database. That person has already been scanned. Start the cloning process. Want to update the clone scan? The CMO can delete scan files.
Corpse has no head. Some asshole decapitated your guy. Draw a blood sample and ask Botany to clone them with the Replica Pod plant.

Scanner.gifMedcom.gif DNA Modification

Your boss here is no longer the Chief Medical Officer. Do not feel forced to listen to his orders, except when it comes to cloning. Regarding the research, listen to direct orders from the Research Director as well as the Captain. For security reasons allow NO ONE ELSE in the Modification room, because they'll delete your hard earned mutations. Simple as that.

Now, let's get you acquainted with the DNA Scanner Access Consoles next to the monkeys. It has a few things of note. First of all, you're going to start in the genetic sequencer tab. There you'll see 8 DNA signs. Pressing on one of them shows the genetic sequence for the mutation. Look through them until you find a mutation that says "Monkified". That's the one that turns humans into monkeys. Press one of the letters in it and change it to something else, thus disturbing the chain. That will turn the monkey into a human. None of the mutations work on monkeys so you'll need to de-monkey every subject.

The DNA comes in pairs. The pairs are A T | T A | G C | C G. An active mutation has all of the pairs correctly filled out. Normal humans do not have any mutation filled out round-spawn. Radiation, mutagen or DNA Injectors fill out the mutation pairs activating the mutations. Most mutations are dissabilities, like Spastic, or are simply neutral, such as Chav. Beneficial mutations are rare and usually acquired by combining different mutations in the DNA Scanned Console.

You might ask yourself: What does this mean? It means that YOU will have to fill out these pairs since in a normal mutation block there are X's disturbing the chains. You must replace the X's with the correct letter to form the pair. Sometimes, you see double X's. If it's the only double X pair on the block, you can fill out the rest of the block then return to the pair and try filling it out with all four pairs. You'll eventually find the right pair. If there is more than one pair of X's, either try 16 different combinations, give up, or wait for the JOKER. The JOKER Algorithm is a option that comes up once every 15~20 minutes that solves a single letter perfectly. It is used to get out of the deadlock situations that happen when there is more than one pair of X's.

After you solved a block, it's colour will change to red, the name will change to either red, for disabilities, brown, for neutral mutations, or green for beneficial mutations. The mutation number will be remembered and autosolved by the console from now on. You can press the STORE button to save the mutation into the mutations tab.

Hulk.png Mutations and Their Consequences

Before we start splicing, you must know what possible monstrosities can be done to a human.

Mutation Name Description Indicators Message
Telekinesis This power allows the subject to control things with their mind, from far away! It is the most sought after power, since it allows for incredible deeds, and makes a strong robuster nearly immortal. Appears as a blue glow around the subject's head. "You feel smarter"
Hulk This is pretty obvious. Subject becomes extremely strong, enough to punch through reinforced walls, and is unable to speak without yelling. The subject is also immune to stuns and cannot be pushed past. This mutation is lost when the subject falls to critical health. Subject turns green and has red eyes. "Your muscles hurt."
Cold Resistance This makes the subject resistant to cold and lack of pressure, effectively allowing it to survive in space (they still have to wear internals, however). This will not make them immune to fire. Subject has a pulsating orange-blueish "aura". "Your body feels warm."
X-Ray Vision Also a very good power. Basically, it gives the subject the ability to see everything that is beyond their normal vision: walls, furniture, even other people! This, combined with Telekinesis, is a deadly combination. Subject's eyes "glow eerily" if looked at with a penlight. "The walls suddenly disappear."
Chameleon The subject becomes able to subtly alter light patterns to become invisible, as long as they remain still. Subject starts fading into the background. "You feel one with your surroundings."
Dwarfism Turns the subject into a manlet, making them unusually shorter than the rest of the crew. Dwarfs can pass over tables without stopping. Subject looks smaller. "Everything around you seems to grow.."
Nearsightedness Makes the subject's screen go hazy at about halfway from the edge of your whole vision. It's not THAT bad, and can be temporarily fixed by using prescription glasses. \ "Your eyes feel strange."
Epilepsy Subject starts to fall down and keeps shaking all the time. They're horrible, and there's no easy cure short of fixing the block. Subject falls down. "You get a headache."
Coughing Makes the subject drop small items you're holding, like syringes. Pretty harmless, but has potential to be extremely annyoing. Subject coughs. "You start coughing."
Tourette's Syndrome The subject swears all the time. They may also experience paralysis that takes even longer than the seizures. Avoid. Subject curses out loudly and twitches. "You twitch."
Nervousness Makes the subject stammer. Annoying at best. Subject stammers when they speak. "You feel nervous."
Blindness Subject goes completely blind and are now a part of a usually forgotten minority, so sad. Subject's eyes don't react to penlight. "You can't seem to see anything."
Deafness Makes the subject deaf. Harmless at best, annoying at worst. You just don't hear anything, not even yourself. \ "You can't seem to hear anything..."
Clumsiness Subject has a clown-like clumsiness. For those that have always wanted to be clowns. It makes the subject accidentally drop things they hold, unable to use tasers, handcuffs, guns exploding in their face etc. \ "You feel lightheaded."
Strangeness Makes the subject randomly mutate. Very dangerous. Definitely be careful with this one. Subject mutates on their own. "You feel strange."
Unintelligible Heavily corrupts the part of the brain responsible for forming spoken sentences, causing the subject to only be able to speak short sentences. \ "You can't seem to form any coherent thoughts!"
Mute Completely shuts down the speech center of the subject's brain. \ "You feel unable to express yourself at all."
Wacky Forces the subject to talk in an odd manner. \ "You feel an off sensation in your voicebox."
Cloak of Darkness Enables the subject to bend low levels of light around themselves, creating a cloaking effect. No Longer in Genetics, but can be acquired via admin spawned injector Subject is able to become invisible in low light situations. "You begin to fade into the shadows."
Smile Causes the speech center of the subject's brain to produce large amounts of seratonin and a chemical resembling ecstacy when engaged. No Longer in Genetics, but can be acquired via admin spawned injector \ "You feel so happy. Nothing can be wrong with anything. :)"
Chav Forces the language center of the subject's brain to construct sentences in a more rudimentary manner. No Longer in Genetics, but can be acquired via admin spawned injector \ "Ye feel like a reet prat like, innit?"
Swedish Forces the language center of the subject's brain to construct sentences in a vaguely norse manner. No Longer in Genetics, but can be acquired via admin spawned injector \ "You feel Swedish, however that works."
Elvis Forces the language center and primary motor cortex of the subject's brain to talk and act like the King of Rock and Roll. No Longer in Genetics, but can be acquired via admin spawned injector \ "You feel pretty good, honeydoll."

IMPORTANT: There's also 1 special block which contains the info whether the subject is a human or a monkey!

DNA Injector.png Injectors and diskettes - Saving Your Work and Handing Out Godhood

  • Diskettes can be used to backup your work. With one in your hand, click the DNA Scanner Access Console, open the mutations tab and press the export button on the mutation you want saved. To import a mutation, add the disk to the console, get to the disk tab and press the import button.
  • You got your mutation, you saved it to a disk, what comes next? Injectors. In the mutation tab, after you open the mutation you want, you have 2 options. Print mutator and print activator. The mutator mutates everyone injected, giving them the mutation. The Activator only works on people who have the unactivated form of that mutation in their DNA already. Mutators have a drawback. Genetic Instability. Each mutation has a stability number. If the summarization of the numbers from all the mutations you got is 100 or more, you start to die due to genetic instability, which can only be fixed with mutadone.
    • The DNA Scanner Access Console takes ten seconds to recharge after producing an injector.
    • Because of injectors, Geneticists are usually asked to give people superpowers. Do whatever you feel like it, but know that if you give people mutations, security and the heads will want to beat you over the head and if you don't give people mutations you'll get the whole greytide coming to steal the sweet sweet hulk powers.

Against the Radiation

All that radiation pulsing is not healthy.

  • At some point it may be a good idea to visit Chemistry and order some Potassium Iodide for your genetic testing. It's a very useful chem, as it lowers radiation levels quickly.
  • Anti-Toxin or Charcoal can cure the toxin damage caused by radiation, but does little to the rads themselves.
  • Rejuvenators can be injected through the DNA Scanner Access Console. The rejuvenating chem is Potassium Iodide.
  • If your hair falls out, use a mirror to restore it. You can find one in medbay or in the toilets.

What to do with your powers

  • Save your mutations in a disk, as a backup. There's always the risk of someone overwriting them for random reasons.
  • Bringing a couple of injectors with beneficial mutations to R&D will be greatly appreciated, as they give R&D another tool to fight against security.
  • Make injectors to give to the greytideheads of staff or security.
  • Enjoy being the peak of human evolution! Use your powers for the greater good, or to make security's life hell by breaking down walls to high security areas and by being unstunnable. Remember that when security can't stun someone they'll pass directly to lethals.

Congratulations. If you read everything is this guide, you should now be a full-fledged Geneticist! Welcome to the club, friend, hope you enjoy it! Pass on the knowledge to those in need.

Powergaming and you!

Are you bored of typing in letters randomly? Are you bored of waiting for xenobiology to make you more monkey cubes? Are you up for a quick round? No worries! All you have to do is use two simple tools to achieve genetic mastery and become the ULTIMATE BEING. Firstly, you'll need to open up this link in your browser [[1]]. This is a genetics solver. You simply scan more than 10 people,monkeys or the braindead, copy+paste the entirety of your chat window in it and press the "Let's Go" button. It will solve all of the mutations it can, showing you the already resolved pairs. Sometimes, there will still be some XX pairs. That happens because there weren't enough people or monkeys scanned.

Secondly, you'll need to know how to make unstable mutagen. Make 90u's of that by mixing 30 of chlorine, radium, and hydrogen from the chemical dispenser down in the R&D. Heat it until it boils into a vapour using either a heater, an igniter or a welding torch. Put on your mask and turn on internals after this. Go back into the genetics lab, force open the monkey windoor by clicking on it with your id and throw the beaker at the floor. Be careful to not hit a wall or a monkey. A wall just dissipates the mutagen into nothing and the monkeys turn hostile if you hit them, even with the beaker. After about 15 seconds of the gas reaching the monkeys, they will get mutated. You just put them in the scanner, remove their monkyfied mutation and click through all of the blocks to check the mutations. Congratulations, you now have spent 10 minutes and already have hulk and x-ray vision. Happy greytiding!

The Gene Genie - The Traitorous Geneticist

Sorry for the bad chapter title. I wanted to use that for a very long time.

So, you learned how to do your job successfully, and how to be a credit to the station. You learned how to manipulate genes. Now you want to learn what the hell to do when the syndicate is the one writing your checks! Well, fret not! I will give you some pointers. But these are mostly tips - traitorous objectives differ wildly, and change your actions way too much for me to write a real guide on it.


Depends on your objective. If it's a hard one, like stealing the AI... well, you're fucked. Keep working on those powers! As soon as you have Hulk + TK, go for it as you wish. No tips here.

If your objective is a simple one, though, like stealing the hand tele, there are more approaches to this. As the above tip, you can just break the walls with TK Hulk, but that is rather crass. There's a more roundabout, but classier way to tackle this. Take a monkey from the pen, transform it in a human. Take it's UI+UEs, make an injector, stuff it in your pocket with a label like "Clean Backup - Alexa White".
Now get your own UI+UEs and name it "Clean Backup - Original" or something. Avoid using your name. Now, go hide somewhere close to the item's location, stick yourself with the monkey injector, spawn emag, stick ID and PDA in your backpack. For added stealth, get a different outfit. Emag your way to the captain's room, get his jumpsuit, RUN RUN RUN. The AI might see you, so it would also be good if you spawned an agent card so you can't be tracked. If anyone sees you, they're not going to see your actual name, only the humanized monkey's name. Hide, stick yourself with your own stuff, change clothes, walk away smoothly.

If you have to kill someone, same stuff from rev.

Also, never forget identity theft. Since you can take someone's complete identity, including looks, you can have some fun with that.


FUCKING REJOICE, your work is cut out for you! Have fun eating the lifeless corpses you clone. Keep in mind that transformations and transformation stings copy SE as well as the UI+UE. Turn people into horribly disabled freaks, or channel a lot of hulk-TK-xray-cold resisting supermen.