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Follower of Nar-Sie
Access: Whatever you have
Additional Access: Wherever a teleportation rune is
Difficulty: Medium
Supervisors: Nar-Sie
Duties: Killing everyone and creating a construct army
Guides: This is the guide

The Beginning of a New Era

The Geometer of Blood, Nar-Sie, has sent a number of her followers to Space Station 13. As a cultist, you have an abundance of cult magics at your disposal, something for all situations. You must work with your brethren to summon an avatar of your eldritch goddess!

Several cultists will arrive on the station. When you spawn, you'll find a ritual dagger and 10 runed metal in your bag. The dagger is essential for drawing runes while the runed metal is used to make valuable structures.


Your objective requires you to sacrifice a certain crewmember and summon Nar-Sie.

The general path of action of the cult and those in it:

  1. From a discrete location, contact your allies through your Commune button.
    Warning: When communing with the cult, nearby crew can see and hear you whispering, potentially revealing your cult, be careful!.
    Important: Communication and teamwork is essential! If you fail to read the guide, you will probably fuck up the round for everybody, prove unworthy for the cult of Nar-Sie, and may even be antagbanned!
  2. Choose a Cult Master, usually being the most experienced player or the one with the most advantageous access level. More on this later.
  3. Find an area to convert into a base, usually accessible by one or more members of the cult, but well-hidden enough that security or crew won't find it easily.
  4. Setup a teleport rune, so all cultists can access it. Inform the cultists that a teleport rune is ready. If you teleport to the base, try to have a hidden teleport rune to get you back, otherwise you could be stuck!
  5. Setup an empowering rune and then prepare up to 5 blood spells. Stun spells are your bread and butter - but diversifying with spells like EMP, Teleport, Blood Rites, etc. will ensure you're ready for anything.
  6. Convert new members, or sacrifice implanted crew, on the offer rune. Combine the filled soulstones from sacrificed humans to create powerful cult constructs!
  7. Use teamwork, or the spirit rune, to find your sacrifice target. Remember, stun magic won't work if the chaplain has his null rod. Kill the sacrifice target and place them on an offer rune with 3 cultists nearby.
  8. Prepare to summon Nar-Sie. She can only be summoned in a few locations and the crew will fight desperately to stop you! Make sure you have enough cultists and equipment to withstand their assault.
  9. Gather 9 cultists on the final rune to summon Nar-Sie!


REMINDER: One cultist is required to sacrifice a dead body, three for a live one, standing adjacent to the rune.

To please Nar-Sie, you must find and sacrifice your target using an offer rune. Only then you can scribe the Summon Nar'Sie rune.


After you have sacrificed your target, you can summon Nar-Sie. Nar-Sie can only be summoned in one of three rooms randomly chosen at roundstart. Drawing the summon rune takes 45 seconds and creates a weak shield around the caster but alarms the entire station of your location, so prepare to fight. After it's drawn, 9 cultists, constructs, or summoned ghosts must stand on the rune, which can then be invoked to manifest Nar'Sie itself.

Cultist.png The Cult Master and You


The Cult Master is the leader of your cult, the main driving force behind your goal to summon Nar-Sie. The Cult Master has access to a wide variety of abilities to assist the cult in achieving it's goals. Make sure to protect and serve him/her at all costs, as they are the key to the cult success!

So, how does one become the Master?

When the round first starts, an additional button along with your Commune verb will be available. The "Assert Leadership" button will allow you to apply for the Cult Master status. Once a member of the cult asserts their leadership, an announcement will be made to all cultists. After a few seconds, a vote will be called where the cult can vote whether or not they want that person as the Cult Master. If the vote passes, the player will gain the Cult Master's abilities. If you are not the Master, make sure to follow his/her orders, as they are now your superior!

Being The Master of Wrist Cutting

So, you asserted your leadership, and won the vote of the cult. Congratulations on your promotion to Cult Master! I hope you know what you are doing. If you have experience playing as a department head this shouldn't be too different, minus the killing and summoning elder gods part.

To summon Nar-Sie, you are going to need keep organized and grow your numbers as much as possible while remaining hidden. As the Cult Master, your Commune power is enhanced, making all of your messages large and bolded just like when you use a megaphone. This will assist greatly in organizing the cult, as the other cultists will be able to easily see your messages among the common radio rabble.

Here is a quick reference guide on what you should be doing as the Cult master:


Cult Master Powers

As the Cult Master, you have access to a handful of powerful and versatile occult powers to assist you and the rest of the cult. These powers can be accessed from the HUD on the top left. The powers are as follows:

Name Description Cooldown
Final Reckoning.png Final Reckoning A single-use spell that brings the entire cult to the master's location. Usefull for when it's time to summon Nar-Sie and you need the whole cult to help defend and invoke. Please note that this is a one-use ability. One Use
Mark Target.png Mark Target Marks a designated player target that you select with your cursor for the cult to be marked as top priority for 90 seconds. Succesfully marking a person sends a message to the entire cult, giving the name and location of the target. Usefull for calling your entire cult to attack a specific target.

After using this ability, it goes on a 120 second cooldown.

120 Seconds
Eldritch Pulse.png Eldritch Pulse Seize upon a fellow cultist or cult structure and send it through time and space to a nearby location on your screen. A very versatile ability with many potential applications. Teleport a cultist into the armory! Teleport cultists into inaccessible areas! Teleport cultists and structures away from harm! Teleport cultists behind a security raid to flank them! Limitless potential!

After using this ability, it goes on a 15 second cooldown.

15 Seconds

Ritual knife.png The Ritual Dagger

Your dagger is your most important object and has several functions:

  • You can draw runes with it.
  • Hitting a cultist with it, removes holy water from them.
  • Hitting a non cultist with it, will result in 15 armor-piercing brute damage.
  • Hitting runes with it, removes them.
  • Hitting cult structure with it, will unanchor and anchor them, allowing you to move them around.
  • Hitting a cult wall with it will open/close the wall (like fake walls).

If you're in a position that would usually wander the halls, try to seek out your fellow cultists in person. If not, check in with your brothers using your Commune verb, but do this in private, to prevent people from hearing your whispers. A lot of jobs have access to isolated areas of the station that are great for this, and there's also space. Remember, if you get caught, you endanger the entire cult.

Bloodspells.png Blood Spells

Blood spells can be created at any time via an action button that appears below your character. However, blood spells created without an empowering rune will take longer, cause significant blood loss, and will cap your spell count at two (empowering runes allow up to 5 spells). Blood spells are limited-use tools that disappear after they're spent, and they're your bread and butter when fighting the crew. Make sure to try and have a stun spell and a teleport spell with you, to escape risky situations.

List of Available Spells

Name Description Health Cost/No. of Charges
Stun A potent spell that will stun and mute victims upon contact. Very much similar to the Talisman of Stunning, and plays much the same role. 10 HP
Teleport A useful spell that teleport cultists to a chosen destination with a teleport rune on contact. 7 HP
Electromagnetic Pulse A large spell that immediately disables all electronics in the area. 10 HP
Shadow Shackles A stealthy spell that will handcuff and temporarily silence your victim. Useful for subduing crew. 4 Charges
Twisted Construction A sinister spell used to convert: Plasteel into runed metal, 25 runed metal into a construct shell, Cyborgs directly into constructs, Cyborg shells into construct shells, Airlocks into runed airlocks (harm intent) 50 Charges
Summon Equipment A crucial spell that enables you to summon either a ritual dagger or combat gear including armored robes, the nar'sien bola, and an eldritch longsword. 1 Charge
Hallucinations A ranged yet stealthy spell that will break the mind of the victim with nightmarish hallucinations. 4 Charges
Conceal Runes A multi-function spell that alternates between hiding and revealing nearby runes and cult structures. 10 Charges
Blood Rites A spell that allows you to gather blood from the floor, or from live victims. Then, you can expend the blood to heal yourself or others. Or, you can use the spell in hand to summon a blood spear, cast blood bolt barrage, or cast blood beam. A blood spear is a robust two-handed weapon that can be recalled to your hand if it has a clear path back to you. The blood spear can also be thrown, which causes it to shatter and stun whoever it hits. Casting blood bolt barrage temporarily grants you the ability to launch powerful projectiles from your hand, similar to the wizard's arcane barrage. This spell requires both hands to be free in order to use it to its maximum strength. Casting blood beam will cause you to start channeling a powerful ritual. Once the channel is complete, you will launch a series of projectiles in a cone in front of you. These projectiles pierce through structures, and will convert any walls, floors, airlocks, and windows they pass through into their cult variant in addition to damaging any non cultists they pass through. 5 Charges


Even when dead, ghosts can assist their cult by marking the target they are orbiting for the entire cult to track. This temporary blood mark allows for the cult to easily hunt down and possibly even manage to kill the chaplain/sacrifice target.


The Ritual Dagger allows you to scribe any of these runes, using Scribe Rune. Simply pick the rune you want, and wait until completion. Scribing a rune deals minor damage, since you need to cut your wrists to get the necessary blood.

Name Description Invokers Required Phrase Rune
Offering Rune Instantly converts a normal crewmember on top of it to the cult, healing them for 75% of their brute and burn damage, and spawning a ritual dagger. Mindshield-implanted crew cannot be converted, only sacrificed - therefore it is recommended that you quickly finish off security victims before their radio or suit sensors can give you away!"

If the target is dead, uneligible for conversion or is the required sacrifice target, they'll be sacrificed instead, gibbing them and creating a soulstone that can be used to power a construct.

1 to sacrifice dead targets, 2 to convert, 3 to sacrifice the objective or living targets Mah'weyh pleggh at e'ntrath! Sacrifice rune.png
Empowering Rune Allows cultists to prepare greater amounts of blood magic at far less of a cost. While standing on an empowering rune, the spell count is capped at 5 instead of 2. Additionally, preparing blood magic takes far less time, and you don't lose as much blood while doing it. 1 H'drak v'loso, mir'kanas verbot! Empowerrune.png
Teleport Rune This rune warps everything above it to another teleport rune when used. Creating a teleport rune will allow you to set a tag for it.
Warning: Teleporting from Lavaland or Space will make the destination rune glow brightly and open a rift in reality that may not only reveal the rune, but the location of your main base as well, choose your rune locations wisely!
1 Sas'so c'arta forbici! Teleport rune.png
Revive Rune Whenever someone is sacrificed on a Convert rune, they add one (global) charge to this rune. Placing a cultist corpse on the rune and activating it will bring it back to life, expending one charge. 1 Pasnar val'keriam usinar. Savrae ines amutan. Yam'toth remium il'tarat! Raisedead rune.png
Barrier Rune When invoked, makes a 5-minute invisible wall to block passage. Can be invoked again to reverse this. Examine the rune to see how much time the barrier has left. 1 Khari'd! Eske'te tannin! Wall rune.png
Summoning Rune This rune allows you to instantly summon any living cultist to the rune, consuming it afterwards. This rune will only work on the main space station, but can grab cultists from almost any location! Does not work on restrained cultists who are buckled or being pulled. 2 N'ath reth sh'yro eth d'rekkathnor! Summon rune.png
Blood Boil Rune When invoked, it saps some health from the invokers to send three damaging pulses to anyone who can see the rune, causing 25/50/75 damage split evenly between brute and burn. When the effect is over the rune will briefly set fire to anything over it.

Some species, such as golems, do not have blood, and thus are immune to this rune.

3 Dedo ol'btoh! Boil rune.png
Rune of the Spirit Realm This rune gives you two powerful options:

(1) To manifest ghosts as semitransparent homunculi, which are effectively weak, humanoid cultists with no self preservation instinct. To sustain these homunculi, you must remain on the rune, and each homunculi you have summoned will deal damage over time. This option is only available on the space station itself - the veil is not weak enough in space or Lavaland to give spirits a physical form!

(2) To ascend as a dark spirit. This option costs no health to use and will give you virtually unlimited knowledge! You can use information given to you by ghosts in this form, commune with the cult with your booming voice, and even mark a target that will be "pinpointed" for the rest of the cult. You can even use this function after manifesting ghosts to help guide them in combat - manifested ghosts can also see regular ghosts and therefore can see your dark spirit as you lead them in battle!

1 Gal'h'rfikk harfrandid mud'gib! Manifest rune.png
Apocalypse A harbinger of the end times. It scales depending on the crew's strength relative to the cult. Effect includes a massive EMP, unique hallucination for non-cultists, and if the cult is doing poorly, certain events. The rune can only occur in the Nar-Sie ritual sites and will prevent Nar-Sie from being summoned there in the future. Similarly to the Ritual of Dimensional Rending, the Apocalypse rune can only be scribed in one of the 3 ritual areas. After the Apocalypse rune has been scribed, that particular ritual area can no longer be used to summon Nar-Sie.

If the cult makes up <15% of current players, and an apocalypse rune is scribed, a D100 is rolled

  • If 1 - 10: Disease Outbreak + Mice Migration
  • If 11 - 20: Radiation Storm
  • If 21 - 30: Brand Intelligence
  • If 31 - 40: Immovable Rod x3
  • If 41 - 50: Meteor Wave
  • If 51 - 60: Spider Infestation
  • If 61 - 70: Localized hyper-energetic flux wave, Gravitational anomaly, Pyroclastic anomaly, Localized high-intensity vortex anomaly
  • If 71 - 80: Space Vines, Grey Tide
  • If 81 - 100: Nar'sian Portal Storm
3 Ta'gh fara'qha fel d'amar det! Apocalypse.png
Ritual of Dimensional Rending This rune tears apart dimensional barriers, calling forth the Geometer. It needs a free 3x3 space, and can only be summoned in 3 areas around the station. To start drawing it the requested target must have already been sacrificed. Starting to draw this rune creates a weak forcefield around the caster and alarms the entire station of its location. The caster must be defended for 45 seconds, before it's complete.

After it's drawn, 9 cultists, constructs, or summoned ghosts must stand on the rune, which can then be invoked to manifest Nar'Sie itself.

9 TOK-LYR RQA-NAP G'OLT-ULOFT!! Rune large.png


By using a construction talisman on platsteel, you are able to get runed metal. With it you can build several structures, with unique powers. You can unanchor cult buildings by hitting them with your tome. Using "Conceal Runes" near these structures will make them turn invisible, and make runed doors look like regular airlocks.

Name Description Cost
Altar.png Altar A bloodstained altar dedicated to Nar-Sie. By using it, you are able to create a Eldritch Whetstone, to sharpen your weapon, a construct shell, or a Flask of Unholy Water which heals cultists and greatly reduces stuns, or can be thrown to poison non cultists. After using the altar, it needs some time to recharge. 3 runed metal
Forge.gif Forge A forge used in crafting the unholy weapons used by the armies of Nar-Sie. By using it, you are able to create a Shielded Robe, which creates a powerful shield around the user which blocks any three attacks, a Flagellant's Robe, which makes you faster, but at the cost of increasing damage taken by 50%, and a mirror shield that can block 50% of attacks while providing distracting illusions, or serve as a potent -bouncing- thrown weapon that will stun on impact and return to you after a successful hit! If you are the cult master, the mirror shield option is replaced by the bloody bastard sword. After using the forge, it needs some time to recharge. 3 runed metal
Pylon.gif Pylon A floating crystal that slowly heals those faithful to Nar'Sie. Also slowly turns the surrounding floor into engraved floor. Engraved floors allow for significantly faster rune scribing and will resist changes in atmosphere (i.e. loss of air or release of a harmful gas). 4 runed metal
Archives.png Archives A desk covered in arcane manuscripts and tomes in unknown languages. Looking at the text makes your skin crawl. By using it, you are able to create a Zealot's Blindfold, which lets you see in the dark, gives you a medical hud, and is flash proof, a Veil Shifter, a 4 use teleporter that sends you forward a medium distance and a void torch which lets you teleport objects to other cultists, or a Shuttle Curse, which when used, delays the escape shuttle for 2 minutes. You can only use a certain amount of shuttle curses each round. After using the archives, it needs some time to recharge. 3 runed metal
Runed airlock.png Runed door Only opens for cultists. Useful securing your base, but a dead giveaway that a cult is onboard. Non cultists who attempt to use these airlocks are stunned and thrown back. 1 runed metal


Robust cultists will likely want to enlist the services of a few constructs. To create a construct, a cultist requires:

  • A filled soul stone, either by sacrificing a human, or capturing a soul manually with a stone from an artificer.
  • An empty shell, either by casting Twisted Construction on 50 metal sheets, from an artificer, or from an archive.

When the filled soul stone shard is used on an empty shell, the cultist will be allowed to choose the desired construct to create. Keep in mind these guys are pretty much a dead giveaway that there is cult activity on the station, so try to be covert about it in the beginning.

A complete guide to constructs can be found here. Artificers will poop out new soulstones and shells, wraiths can kill the AI, and juggernauts are great tanks.

Threats to the Cult

Even with access to a large amount of different runes and talismans, there are still several threats to the cult on the station.

Ratvar Scum Servant of ratvar.png

The followers of Ratvar want nothing more than do summon their machine god, so it can take revenge on our beloved Nar-Sie. Due to their connection to Ratvar, they or their constructs can not be converted, but they also can´t convert followers of Nar-Sie. As such, Ratvarian magic will be more effective against Nar-Sian cultists. The opposite is also true; much of Nar-Sie's magic is more effective against Ratvar's servants.

Security and the Chaplain Generic hos.pngGeneric chaplain.png

Even the best prepeared cultists will have trouble to defend themselves against the united power of security. Especially if the Chaplain Helps them. The Chaplain is able to turn normal water into Holy Water, which will turn cultist back to normal people, if it stays long enough in their system. The Chaplain is also immune to cult magic and his bible is able to make hidden runes visible.


  • Cultists can know a rune's name and effects by examining it.
  • Your dagger is a robust melee weapon with 15 damage and good armor-piercing, it can also be sharpened to further increase its lethality.
  • Always be ready to summon a cultist in trouble. Stunned or restrained cultists cannot call for help on the cult communion, so keep an eye on normal comms. If you see a cultist being arrested be sure to report it in communion so they can be rescued before its too late! You can also use the spirit rune to check for cultists in trouble or ask ghosts for the location of dead cultists to revive.
  • Spirit Sight is an incredibly powerful exploration tool, and ghosts can give you precious hints.
  • The chaplain's weapon makes them immune to most of your magic. Don't attempt to use stun spells on them while they have their weapon, or you will get discovered and likely killed.
  • Keeping a shade in a soulstone with you will allow you to use two-person runes by yourself, by releasing and then recapturing the shade.
  • Cultists often find a use for medibots. Having a single bot with a low threshold, backed up by brutepacks or pylons, can keep your cult in fighting shape.
  • Get some plasteel either from mining, stealing it from robotics, engineering or EVA storage, or deconstructing reinforced walls/tables if you are desperate.
  • The EMP spell and Apocalypse Rune are both incredibly useful. They can give you access almost anywhere, just don't forget your crowbar!
  • Manifest Spirit is also useful for getting those missing cultists you need for the Nar'Sie rune.
  • A construct can quickly take down an AI. The best one to do the job is the Wraith, it can jaunt into the core and take down the AI down before the crew can respond.
  • Drawing a rune on a cult floor is 50% faster than on a normal floor (except the Nar-Sie rune). Cult floors also resist changes in atmosphere like hull breaches or plasma floods.
  • If the Harvester bring enough people to Nar-Sie you may or may not get a special ending.



Once you've completed the ritual, Nar-Sie will come forth.

Her destructive power is unmatched, transforming the bodies of the unenlightened and twisting the very walls to suit her image.

Few things are capable of challenging Nar-Sie's sheer power.

One of them is Ratvar.

If Nar-Sie and Ratvar encounter one another,

Th̗̮̪̹́ͅe̘n̺ ̤̣͟ơ͙͈̻n̵̘̦l̫̬̀ͅyͅ ̲ò̮̤n̼̻̼̖̭̪͠ͅe̬͚͕̲̻̰ ҉͚̞͙̞̭̼s̡͖h̜̻̞̣̩̟ͅa̴͉͍̯̟͎̠l̳̝̖̫͞ḷ͔̘̞͞ ̯̞̥̱̲͙̕ͅe̛̙m̦̻̗̹̝̹͘e͈r̫g͕͉̠e͢ ̮͎̗̮̭̭̝a̱͍͍ͅl͙̗͔̹̻̗͈i͕͕̣̫̳̞v̗͈͍͝e.̛̟

Jobs on Hippie Station


Command Captain, Head of Personnel
Security Head of Security, Security Officer, Warden, Detective
Engineering Chief Engineer, Station Engineer, Atmospheric Technician
Science Research Director, Scientist, Roboticist
Medical Chief Medical Officer, Medical Doctor, Chemist, Geneticist, Virologist
Service Janitor, Bartender, Cook, Botanist, Clown, Mime, Chaplain, Curator
Civilian Quartermaster, Cargo Technician, Shaft Miner, Assistant, Lawyer
Non-human AI, Cyborg, Positronic Brain, Drone, Personal AI, Construct, Ghost
Antagonists Traitor, Malfunctioning AI, Changeling, Nuclear Operative, Blood Cultist, Revolutionary, Wizard, Blob, Abductor, Holoparasite, Xenomorph, Spider, Swarmers, Revenant, Morph, Nightmare, Space Ninja, Slaughter Demon, Pirate, Sentient Disease
Special CentCom Official, Death Squad Officer, Emergency Response Officer, Chrono Legionnaire, Highlander, Ian, Lavaland Role
Races Humans, Lizardperson, Flyperson, Plasmaman, Podman, Golem, Miscellaneous
Antagtemp.png Game Modes on Hippie Station
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Traitor and Double Agents




Nuclear Emergency




Blood Cult

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Clockwork Cult



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Other Modes