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Access: N/A
Additional Access: N/A
Difficulty: Hard
Supervisors: The Underground
Duties: Protect the Tendril, remove the intruders
Guides: This is the guide
Quote: "Allright, which one of you chucklefucksss releasssed the Legion?"

You are an ash walker, one among the plains. The land is bountiful of prey and sustenance, but foriegn powers move to exploit your land. You must build up your tribe and expel these aliens from your home.

You are essentially a group of tribal Lizards who must craft low tech weapons and armor pick up wepons from the ground and loot corpses to fight off the more technologically advanced, but fewer in number, Human (or Lizard or Plasmaman) invaders.

For the underground

Your base of operations is small and humble, its lifeblood: the ash walker nest, a tendril converted and tamed to rapidly grow Ash Walker eggs near instantly when fed. Whenever any dead sentient corpse (such as the Legion's corpse, or Miners) is brought next to the nest, it'll be consumed and turned into a new egg.

Outside there are a few small building, one with basic equipment for combat and farming, the other holding more advanced items, some necessary for exploration, and loot your tribe collected from past raids. Around the area you'll find a bonfire that can smelt ores, and a small garden where you can grow mushrooms.

The village and nest must be protected at all costs, its destruction would spell doom for your tribe.

Foreign Invaders

These strange aliens clad in dark clothing have begun to invade your village. You must drive them off. They are armed with better weapons and armour, but they are few in numbers and are far away from home. Use your numbers to your advantage and you'll kill them easily.

Their weapons are too complex and advanced for your kind to understand, as such you cannot use them.

The Wildlife

In order to grow and prosper you must find and hunt down the wildlife of this land, for sustenance, reproduction and resources. The main reason to hunt the wildlife is to acquire bones and sinew, these resources are critical in crafting the more advanced tribal gear on offer to you. Please note that animals can't see you while you're in the room containing the tendril, so you can hide there if something goes wrong.

  • Legions: The easiest prey, their attacks deal low damage and they are weak to your spears. The greatest advantage of the legions are their souls and their host. The host can be returned and reborn as an Ash Walker, while their Souls can be used for healing, or implanted to make them last. These creatures sadly do not drop crafting materials.
  • Watchers: Deadly creatures, they should never be approached alone. Their freeze attacks will slow you in place while they rip you to shreds. Attack in numbers. Watchers drop the coveted sinew, which is a necessary component for crafting higher tier weapons and armour. They also drop a single piece of bone.
  • Goliaths: Powerful creatures, but easily kited and killed by a skilled warrior. Do not allow them to stick you in place, keep mobile and rapidly move in, hit them, then move back. These creatures are a good prize to kill and can be killed by a single warrior. They are a worthy prey as they drop two bones and a goliath plate upon death.
  • Megafauna: Don't. Just stop. You'll get annihilated and possibly lure the beast to your nest, killing everyone.

Tribal Equipment

The following is a list of tribal equipment you can craft

Item Description Material Needed
Bone Dagger
A respectable and cheap weapon to craft, deals 15 damage. Bone: 2
Bone Spear
A powerful two handed weapon, deals 20 damage. Bone: 4
Sinew: 1
Bone Axe
The most powerful crafted weapon avaliable, also needed to do surgery, deals 23 damage. Bone: 6
Sinew: 3
Bone Armor
Respectable armor, provides mediocre protection to melee (35), bullet (25) and laser (25) attacks. Bone: 6
Bone Talisman
Attached to bone armor, provides a small boost to base protection but a massive boost to bomb and biological protection. (Useless if worn as an accessory, as those don't provide protection) Bone: 2
Sinew: 1
Bone Bracer
Provides moderate protection to both arms of the wearer. Bone: 2
Sinew: 1
Skull Helmet
Provides moderate protection to the wearers head. Bone: 4